Tough Love / by John Javellana

It’s funny how this world can seem to take away one’s utopian sense of idealism and just simply haul it back down to earth and replace it with the verisimilitude of realism. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but I have always chosen to be an idealist. Because it is with that mindset that we get to use our heart and employ its will and sincerity to whatever we are doing. As an idealist, everything we do is a journey filled with excitement and powered by raging adrenaline to fulfill the desires that our hearts so strongly shouts. We let go, we fly, we flee to world that seems to be a playground. But once the realities of life come into play, rationality kicks in. We try to be in control of the things and factors in our life that we have always set us free. We try to be in control because we don’t want to be controlled. For me, it is like putting a glass over a fire on a wick, with the aim of protecting it from the wind. But that barrier itself is thee that extinguished the flame. Innocence give us a state of mind that we can do and accomplish whatever we want to, just as long as we put are hearts in it. But as experiences and bumps on the road come along, the hard facts of life make themselves more and more pronounced therefore otherwise.