Sips of Tranquility / by John Javellana

I never thought honeyed tea can be so comforting. As I took sip after sip, it was a wonderful moment to reflect on the wisdom and insights that I have gained today. I was delighted in every tune that I heard, the mild smiles I got from strangers and even the blissfuly simple laughs of children as I passed them by on the streets, asking to be photographed. I enjoyed looking around Manila’s clutteredness to find something new, something I have never seen before. Being in the Cavite area failed to give my heart a sinking feeling, and it was great. The sky was blue again, but the blueness did not contemplate the sadness of goodbye anymore. Today and the sunset was majestic as I drove back home. The warmth of the sun’s glorious orange made me look forward to tomorrow instead of sulk in yesterday’s grief. The Davids did wonders for me again, even if the two were miles apart I had them both right in front of me through technology. Jake’s antics helped too. Amazing isn’t it? I am getting back my stride again, and am looking forward to better things. Tea and honey never felt so good.