Simple Lavishness / by John Javellana

Feast of Nuestra Senora

Filipinos love to feast. Festivities have been an inextricable part of Filipino culture as far as I know. Most of them have to do with religious persona such as the Virgin Mary or the Santo Nino. For reasons other than of devotion, feasts have provided the prosaic citizen an escape from the uniformity of difficult situations they have to endeavor day in and day out.


I took these photos when I stumbled upon the small barangays in Guadalupe as they caroused during the feast of Nuestra Senora. It wasn’t the most propertied of areas, making it ironic as it is located in the country’s financial district. The feast itself is not as big as the famous ones such as the Dinagyang and Sinulog. Yet, the place was overflowing with booze, food and the most noticable of them all - laughter, as much as any bigger feast would have.

Somehow, it reflected within me how my countrymen have this uncanny ability to take pause and have a marvelous time no matter what the circumstaces may be. With all this talk of corruption, recession, oil, food and even LPG prices going up, it’s nice to see our sense of making marry never withers. For a day, residents enthralled themselves is lavishness - even if how simple it could be.