Rumuroots / by John Javellana

The Ruins
It’s been a good five years since I last went back to my family’s hometown of Bacolod. Going around the city made me realize how time really does change everything. My cousins are all grown up, older relatives getting older and having their own families.. And me? All these things make me start feeling my age. At 25, people keep on telling me that I am still young and not to worry too much about these things. But as you get older, time seems to go faster; giving you lesser opportunities to be free to do whatever you want due to the more time we are required to concentrate on how to make your own life work. Calculation, responsibilities and priorities are slowly becoming the name of the game instead of fun, joviality and liberation.

Going back to my roots made me realize that everybody has a life that he or she has to leave. Old homes, hoary playgrounds, familiar hangouts become mere memories of good or bad things that have passed. Being in Bacolod for months every year way back when I was still young created a certain sense of familiarity up to the point that I never thought anything would change. Friends would be there, cousins, even the pets. Familiarity is something that make us take things for granted which I think I am guilty of. That’s why I haven’t been back in years.

Just because we feel that certain things in life are indissoluble, it doesn’t mean that we should never invest time on it. Enjoy the present and never take for granted moments with people dear to you for nothing in this life is sempiternal. Like the old saying goes, the only thing constant in this life is change.