Perfekt / by John Javellana


‘08 was a year filled with genial stupefaction. It was a year that made me appreciate the fact that the best things come in the most abrupt of natures. Finally finding a set of amigos who are genuine and staunch has carried me to significant heights both as a person and a photographer. I’ve always thought that I could be just fine on my own but as I found myself surrounded by such good company made me see how uplifted an individual could be because of nonpareil camaraderie. Masked in idiocy and ridicule, my friends have never failed to give me that push and inspiration when life’s situations ultimately requires profoundness.


It was one of those years in which everything seemed to go your way. Career was great. No awards, no grants nor recognition but I’ve never been a fan of those. It was a great year in the sense that I felt like I was able to do my job well and at the same time quench my thirst to know and learn more about the world I live in. I got to see and share stuff that elicited robust sentiments within me. The trip to the Angkor photography workshop opened my eyes even more, giving me that conviction to see the world with further acuteness.


But it was at the end of the year that I conceded to the fact that it was mine. Something that I refused to assume. There is no better feeling for me than the moment we encounter someone who fits immaculately with your being.. Someone who effortlessly drenches your actuality with ardor and benevolence.. Someone who could just embezzle you away from life’s throbbings and bring you the most elusive of life’s stupefaction which is peace. That’s when I knew I have found what I have been looking for.