King Of the Hill / by John Javellana

King Of the Hill
It’s funny how time passes so quickly when you are on the top of the hill. Everything looks so perfect, so serene, so imperturbable. But once you are down, you start to feel and be conscious of everything you never saw when you were so high up in the clouds. Despite adamant attempts to climb back and palliate the damage, everything just seems to dissipate. The bright sunshine over the mountains slowly fades; the sky seems to lose a touch of blue; simple joys can’t bring the same joys anymore. Worse, the consequences of time makes itself more pronounced, creating an immense pressure that pushes you to the extent that you stall and look for escapes, quick fixes, distractions that makes us pusillanimous to face the hard fact that one has to focus and prioritize to get moving. Isn’t it ironic that when we are in an unmitigated Utopian state of mind that we are also in a position to abruptly disregard the essentials of life, making us incredibly vulnerable to crash land back into the reality that life is and cannot be perfect — without even the slightest of chances to forestall it? Life is full of ups and downs like we always say. Cliches cliches and more cliches. But that’s why they’re called cliches because they’re just so damn true and need to be repeated again and again.