Feeling a Moment / by John Javellana

Loving somebody consists of 99% misery. The remaining 1% is emphatically amazing. It’s the kind of warmth and tenderness that one will never have again once lost, but it will always be everlasting. I never thought that happiness can be so petrifying. Once I got hold of it, nevermore did I want any other feeling, as if it was the only emotion that I’ll ever need. But every feeling of euphoria eventually has an end, resulting to an agony one has to mend.

People love looking at photographs because they have the power to seize both moments and emotions. Precious fragments of time, a thing that we can only freeze through the medium. A friend of mine told me that photographs is a reflection of us. As one holds the camera to take a photo, pressing the shutter and trapping the image we see.. No matter how we took it.. Anybody can tell how one feels simply by looking at that shot. I never believed it until I saw my own emotions in this photo that I took.

Love is just like that. It is made of the analogous aspects that surround a photograph. It is something that is permanent yet has fleeted away. A wonderful ardor that one cannot replicate. Ironic it may be, it is something that we have but at the same time don’t. An impossible feeling that you cannot redo.. Because it will always be an unrewindable moment.