Cushion / by John Javellana

Falling flat on your face has the surprising effect of showing the true colors of the people around you. I have succumbed to my temper the past few days and I got mixed reactions for the way I have been. Some friends just walked away. Some give you a kiss on the forehead and tell you that you did the right thing only to comfort you. Some would even say something as harsh as they themselves would’ve punched you in the face without even trying to comprehend nor assess anything. But there will always be that one truthful soul that will stick it out with you. Even through thick stubbornness and the vast gap in wavelength; clashes of tempers and frustrations, that person is still there. Waking you up instead of sympathizing.. Constructively arguing with you instead of preaching.. Tapping your chin up instead of giving you faux sips of comfort. I never had the experience to have somebody to do those things. I just hope it lasts.