At Play / by John Javellana

At Play
Another slow day and I was tasked to look for stand-alones. Driving all the way to the coastal areas of Cavite seem to have a calming effect on me. Talking to the people who work in the wet market by the shoreline; connecting with the consideable amount of Ilonggos who have made their way there for hopes of a better life than the province; hearing their stories and sharing laughs; sampling the fantastic kinilaw (though their freshness can seriously be doubted since it was caught off polluted waters) by one of the karinderias there or just the usual adobo.. It’s a very homey feeling. I saw these kids playing with their makeshift rafts, and it has been a common sight ever since before I was born. I love going to Cavite since I never felt that I was working. Instead, I was always at play.