05.29.08 Econ Feature / by John Javellana

Economy assignments are usually the dullest ones. Peso exchange rates, oil prices, corporate transactions.. It’s an onus that all the wire photographers have to do. I hate that sometimes I spend my whole day just to look for these photos. But it was quite interesting today what I got. It was already past lunch and I didn’t quite have the photo I was looking for yet, and I was getting frustrated. So I went to the usual money changer spots in Malate. It was a last resort since money changer pix are one too many already. And I hate being repetitive. As I was waiting for somebody to pass the exchange rate sign in Malate, I had my eyes locked in the viewfinder and not able to see what was coming. Usually I keep both eyes open to see what’s going on outside the frame but for some reason I didn’t. And to my surprise, I saw a nun pass by and all of a sudden I found myself a photo. Luck does play a huge part with photography. Yes it’s kinda plain, but it’s far different from what I would usually get. I guess you could call it a case of divine intervention.. ;p