04.26.08 Greenbelt Art Feature / by John Javellana

04.26.08 Art Feature

Sometimes the nice photos come out from simplicity. I was assigned to shoot this art event at Greenbelt wherein the participants get to doodle on a provided wall in the atrium. The story is that a group of artists want to encourage doodling especially with children in order to promote and develop their creativity, expression, talents and all. Maybe the next big cartoon hit is simply hiding behind all those drawings. It was fun to see all those kids and adults draw and doodle with gusto. I couldn’t resist and I had to doodle something as well. It was fun but somehow I felt sad because I don’t think I spent my childhood days very well. I don’t even remember finishing one coloring book. I was always in a hurry to grow up and do things that older kids did.

My other colleagues thought that it was a waste of time so they didn’t even bother. I just went there to have a look and it looked pretty boring - photographically that is. But it was different. And ever since I had been working in the wires, there’s no sweeter challenge for me other than to be different. That’s one of the best things Darren instilled into my mind. I had to wait for the wall to fill up with doodles and once it was done, I saw this little girl who kept on running in front of the completed work. I really liked the photo and I’m glad I stayed. The photo turned out in washington post’s best of the day.