Missing the Familiar / by John Javellana

Having photos published in major publications around the world inevitably becomes a typical occurrence for a wire photographer. So typical that it becomes rare to find one who bothers to keep even half the clippings where his or her photos were featured.

Though it felt mundane while it was my job back then, I am grateful for my time in the wires. Everyday was an opportunity to produce the best possible photos and to show it to the world. Knowing that you shared this with best news photographers around the world kept on setting my standards for myself higher. Even the simplest assignments taught you to move faster, work harder, be better. Looking back, it was a nice feeling of accomplishment, to see your photograph on the front pages of a newspaper. A space which a thousand other photos could have easily claimed. It is something I only appreciated now that I'm not in that kind of work.

It has been one of the things I wish I didn't take for granted while working for the wires. It wasn't that I didn't appreciate it. It was because I thought I would be collecting them for the rest of my life. It is rare to find a wire photographer who keeps even half his clippings, but it's a good thing I have parents who held onto mine.